10 Quick Tips for Staying Up To Date

Physical Therapy Reviewer

Following some of the conversations that came out the #SocialPT talk I gave at CSM 2017 with Ben Fung, Greg Todd and Brett Kestenbaum(video via UpDoc Media), I felt it would be useful to create a resource to help students and clinicians stay up to date with the evidence. As an emerging researcher and academic, I am passionate about serving this profession as both a purveyor and guide of knowledge to help inform the care provided in our communities. No more ivory towers and no more “knowledge obscura”. We are all our profession’s keeper and the better informed we all are individually, the better off our profession will be collectively. In the list below, I have provided 10 easy tips to help clinicians and students stay current through a variety of different methods, many of which only require a small addition to a typical day. 90% of them…

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CVP Section Programming Highlights: CSM 2017

For this year’s combined sections meeting the cardiopulmonary section is proud to offer a diverse and exciting programming schedule.  The topics this year range from the management of shock in the intensive care units, to community wellness programs for children to a session on the utilization of social media for physical therapists.  The programming this year … Continue reading CVP Section Programming Highlights: CSM 2017