The Case Report: An example of the possible, not the probable

The Case Report is an example of what is possible, not what is probable. Yet such reports provide an extremely important contribution to scholarship, both research, and practice. They are essentially anecdotes. Stories of events as unfolded in time and narratively recreated (even if punctuated by tables, images, and figures) for the reader to experience … Continue reading The Case Report: An example of the possible, not the probable


Altmetric: Assessing Impact Beyond Citations

You may have wondered about those colorful pinwheel donuts with numbers next to journal articles that you’ve read. Those pinwheels are Altmetric Attention Score Badges. Altmetric (the company and service) was created in 2011 by Euan Adie and was officially released in 2012 after winning Elsevier's App for Science Competition. However, the concept of alternative … Continue reading Altmetric: Assessing Impact Beyond Citations


We are excited to announce the start of the Cardiopulmonary PT journal (CPPTJ) blog. The purpose for this blog and podcast is to improve the dissemination of publications from our journal and to provide a platform to facilitate discourse between clinical researchers, clinicians and students. Each month we will publish podcasts which will include interviews … Continue reading Welcome