We are excited to announce the start of the Cardiopulmonary PT journal (CPPTJ) blog. The purpose for this blog and podcast is to improve the dissemination of publications from our journal and to provide a platform to facilitate discourse between clinical researchers, clinicians and students. Each month we will publish podcasts which will include interviews with individuals making an impact within the field of cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy or discussions on interesting topics related to the field. This is an exciting project which will leverage technology and social media to not only help translate clinical research into clinical practice but to help reflect clinical practice unto clinical research as well. There is a lot of excellent content on the horizon for this project but we welcome and encourage our audience to contact us with ideas or topics they would like us to discuss. This is truly an open and integrative platform and we are more than proud to start.

The first podcast includes an interview with Sean Collins, editor in chief of CPPTJ and emerging media editor Rich Severin. In this episode the goal of the blog and podcast are discussed and more specifics on some of the future projects are provided.

Thanks for tuning in!

Rich Severin PT, DPT, CCS

Emerging-Media Editor; CPPTJ


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi, I am Erik MENDOZA.

    I am from Venezuela.

    I am Physical Therapist and Certificade Respiratory Therapist.

    I have worked in unit intensive care by sixteen years.


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